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Project Description

Concessions at the Fair

The Jackson County Fair Association seeks out and showcases the finest concessions to make sure the tastes you discover at the fair are as diverse as they are delicious!

From Poor Jack’s midway offerings… to the many local booths with specialty items… to the buildings that offer the traditional food you look forward to every year — there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Because we work with longtime concessionaires and newly discovered talents, you’re sure to find something tasty that is reasonably priced and prepared to perfection! Whether it’s a Lemon Shake-up, Corn Dog, Elephant Ear or a Pork Chop Sandwich — a vendor is just waiting to prepare your favorite fair food!

If you are a concession vendor and would like to be part of the Jackson County Fair, contact:

Photo by The Tribune
Tenderloin with cheese - Lutheran Stand
Photo by The Tribune

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